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iphoneHolidaythe holidays kicked off for me at our company Christmas party on December 1, i had fun collecting pieces for my outfit – i opted for plaid, black, spikes and cream to tie all the pieces together!  Ryan is home for the month and we had fun buying everyone presents, some of which we sampled at the Granville Island market (a little Isle of Mull cheddar and Honey & Hay pecorino from Benton Brothers = to die for, and pâté from Oyama Sausage).  Christmas was up in Roberts Creek with my parents and brother this year, so we ferried up with a stash of Holiday beer to enjoy!  Our annual card from Makito was waiting for us up at my parents – it gets better every year Makito!  We were able to visit and open presents with Grandad on Christmas morning and he shared some of his chocolate stash with us!  Boxing day we had breakfast with my in-laws and met Michelle and Chris’ new puppy!  I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Holiday!  Best wishes for the New Year! xoxo


A childhood friend agreed to be my guinea pig and commissioned a holiday fascinator, my first ever!  Janet gave me complete freedom in the colours, design, etc so I chose to use rich warm colours and textures that hopefully say Holiday without being too literal!

I used lavender and heather dried from my mom’s garden, dried red mini roses I snipped from my apartment rose, and dried white and pink dried roses from my mom’s garden in Robert’s Creek.  I accented with a bit of navy veiling and gold and mossy green velvet millinery leaves, all attached to a navy sinamay base!  It’s nearly complete and I think it turned out pretty well for my first try!

I’m not as proud of my shots from this year’s Sunshine Coast Art Crawl as last year (part 1, part 2, part 3), but we did see some beautiful and inspiring work being done up on the Sunshine Coast!  I think my favourite studio was that of “ox + monkey” and Amelia Epp (images 5-9) and a close second was the “this is it” studio in robert’s creek (images 14-16).  The weekend inspired me to keep working at what makes me happy!

Ryan’s first feature on! Check it out!! Great work Ry!


A friend of mine from school who’s been busy photographing in Toronto asked if I would be interested in contributing to Houzz. I’m always interested in new learning opportunities so I jumped on this! This is my first post on Houzz and I know I have a lot to learn, but I’m very excited!

Anyways, please stop by and have a look! I’m always interested in some constructive criticism too, please don’t hesitate.

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Work has been so busy lately, I’m so far behind on posting!  A few weekends ago, Ryan, Rohe and I went up to Roberts Creek to visit with Ian brother who flew in from Edmonton!  We visited with Grandad (his giggles are still so infectious after almost 95 years), frolicked in Mom and Dad’s beautiful garden (and picked some flowers to dry for my Etsy projects), drank Townsite beer and ate steak by the water and relaxed!  My favourite place in the world!  Photos 10-14 by Ryan.  xoxo

Yikes!  It has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted!  Last weekend R and I went up to my parents place in RC and Mom and I dried some more flowers for an Etsy project!  It was R’s birthday last week, Father’s Day on Sunday and my Mom’s birthday was on Monday, so Dad treated us to dinner and delicious Townsite Tin Hat IPA and Zunga Golden Blonde beer at the gorgeous Rockwater Resort in Secret Cove!  We are so excited that there is a new brewery on the Sunshine Coast producing such flavourful craft beer!!  We can’t wait to try more of Townsite’s amazing beer!

Ryan and I went up to Roberts Creek to visit my parents, my mom’s garden is in its early Spring bloom and we walked to the General Store for ice cream (a must every visit)!  A custom Etsy piece I’m working on for a potential client!  My kindred spirit Matty B. came into town and we devoured a 1/16 of this amazing Sushi boat (dinner for 6 for 2) and I tried Japadog for the first time – Oroshi dog – fresh and crisp daikon cuts the salty meaty hotdog! My new summer favourite!