I don’t think I can accurately describe how special it was to be able to see these costumes and props from the movies that have brought me such wonderment and comfort over the years… While I was staying with my brother, we watched Episodes 4-6 again, and it reminded me of our childhood and how these movies fostered our imagination and creativity over the years…

We stared deep into the eyes of the exalted one, Jabba the Hut, oggled Princess Leia’s gold bikini, felt the plight of Han Solo frozen in carbonite, felt the comfort of Master Yoda, marvelled at the Imperial fleet, and trembled at the feet of Darth Vader!

Thanks again to the Telus World of Science Edmonton for hosting this amazing exhibit, and to my brother for sharing it with me!


I flew to Edmonton this past weekend to visit my brother and to visit the most wonderfully epic exhibit that brought me right back to my childhood – Star Wars Identities at the Telus World of Science.  Ian bought us the tickets a year ago, and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since!

I tried not to read too much about the exhibit beforehand, I already knew I would love it no matter what, and it far exceeded my expectations!  Before entering the exhibit, we were given a bracelet to build our Star Wars Identity through interactive stations throughout the exhibit!  I chose to build a wookiee character, as they have always been my favourite, and we started touring the exhibit, looking at how the early beginnings of the characters shaped the people they became…

We got to see the actual costumes worn by stormtroopers and by actor Jeremy Bulloch as the incomparable Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi, beautiful sketches of the aliens brought to life at the Mos Eisley Cantina scene in A New Hope and the mask worn by the actor Tommy Ilsley who played Ponda Baba – best known as the alien who has issues with young Luke at the bar and loses an arm for it – thanks Obi-Wan (picture 16)!

My favourite feature in the 1st section of the exhibit was C-3PO!  All polished and shining a brilliant gold – as he often was for medal ceremonies, being worshipped by Ewoks, etc – the costume on display had been worn by Anthony Daniels and I couldn’t take enough photos of it!  With trusty and resourceful R2D2 by his side, these two really made my day – I would have left a very happy camper if that had been all there was to the exhibit, but there was so much more….

Video source: NTJack1 on youtube. Image from bleublancrouge .  Ooooomg,  you have no idea how excited I am!  My friend Lisa in Edmonton alerted me to the Star Wars Identities Exhibition, being shown in Canada ONLY in Edmonton and Montréal!! Ack!  Brother Ian nabbed us tickets for November of next year and I’m SUPER excited!  I can’t believe I have to wait a whole YEAR!?  Time to revisit my favourite movies of all time over and over and over…

video source: solidstatethe on youtube. screenshots from the trailer, images 1 & 4.Mysterious and a little strange, the trailer for “Sleeping Beauty” makes me want to see more of this classic fairytale with a dark, modern angle!  I’m really drawn to movies that have a unique or strong sense of style, whether it is in interior design or fashion, and “Sleeping Beauty” appears to have an understated elegance demonstrated in the use of lush fabrics, costumes and ornate interior decor!

When I first saw the trailer, all I could think of was “Lanvin, Halston, Bill Blass” – draped grecian dresses and tailored luxurious classics styled with stunning statement jewelry!  I put together a little board of pieces inspired by the trailer!

1. Clothing & Accessories – Bill Blass Backless Cashmere Set, Lanvin Belted Wrap Dress, Halston Off-the-shoulder jersey gown, Marni Swarovski crystal-embellished and horn drop earrings.

2. Furniture – Howell Leather WingbackJack Club Chair.

3. Nymphenburg Mocha Cup Demitasse Cup, Jamali Garden bronze urns, Royale Vase, Wedgwood Golden Bird Teacup, Wedgwood Anthemion Blue Teapot.

video source: hollywoodstreams on youtube. image 1 source, rest are screenshots from the trailer.images from their respective links: 1. Twigs & Honey Silk tulle with lace trim veil, 2. Lily of the Valley bouquet (photo by pblcb), 3. Alberta Ferretti Lace-trimmed silk-chiffon gown, 4. Hunter Original Tall Wellington boots, 5. Quillaree Primrose Bolero, 6. Anteos maerula Male Yellow Angled-Sulphur butterfly, 7. Ben-Amun Round Pearl Crystal Studs.

I’m eager to see Lars Von Trier’s new film, Melancholia, starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgård, etc.  From the trailer, the imagery looks stunning and I hope the rest of the film is just as inspiring! Fingers crossed!  As soon as I saw the trailer, I couldn’t stop thinking about the styling of the wedding, and I just had to throw together a quick inspiration board!  I love the mix of classical elegance infused with the lush greenery and natural elements!  Pearls and butterflies everywhere would be stunning!  Have a great Saturday!

for those who know me, i am a lightweight sci-fi nerd who loves the fashion world, so when i came across this fantastical video on “the nowness“, i was so excited! the story i make while i’m watching: the model guinevere van seenus desperately stumbling around in an apocalyptic world (where her clothing has been worn away to reveal a stunning, organic, alien-like gown by kate and laura mulleavy – the dream team behind rodarte – doesn’t sound so bad does it?).

i love how fashion editorials and the glimpse into the designer’s inspiration, are able to come to life in these short films, featuring the clothing itself.  music + science + fashion = my dream world.

screenshot from video, video source: albin holmqvist on vimeo. i looooove these commercials for the EF international language centers (directed by gustav johnasson, director of photography niklas johansson), the videos show commonly used words and phrases in the cities of “beijing”, “barcelona”, “london” and “paris” and the videos can be seen on either albin holmqvist’s vimeo channel or ef language centers vimeo channel! my favourite is the video made for “paris”, siiiigh definitely makes me long to traveling overseas again!