Tinkering with a new headband style this weekend, composed of a pink velvet flower I made, a beautiful white silk Camellia flower and bud (with silk leaves), dried natural yellow Craspedia, natural dried lavender Limonium (statice) and a little natural dried Gomphrena from Mom’s garden. Once I finish the backing, I think I will list it in my Etsy shop


With Ryan in Halifax, I’ve taken over our studio apartment with my dried flowers, feathers, fabric, etc but i’m rapidly running out of space!  I’m always daydreaming of beautiful work spaces and offices (older post), maybe one day we will have enough space to create a functional and stylish home office and studio! Image from various pinterests.

A childhood friend agreed to be my guinea pig and commissioned a holiday fascinator, my first ever!  Janet gave me complete freedom in the colours, design, etc so I chose to use rich warm colours and textures that hopefully say Holiday without being too literal!

I used lavender and heather dried from my mom’s garden, dried red mini roses I snipped from my apartment rose, and dried white and pink dried roses from my mom’s garden in Robert’s Creek.  I accented with a bit of navy veiling and gold and mossy green velvet millinery leaves, all attached to a navy sinamay base!  It’s nearly complete and I think it turned out pretty well for my first try!

I’m not as proud of my shots from this year’s Sunshine Coast Art Crawl as last year (part 1, part 2, part 3), but we did see some beautiful and inspiring work being done up on the Sunshine Coast!  I think my favourite studio was that of “ox + monkey” and Amelia Epp (images 5-9) and a close second was the “this is it” studio in robert’s creek (images 14-16).  The weekend inspired me to keep working at what makes me happy!

Later in September, Tracy visited Vancouver for a family trip so we met up at our favourite place, Thierry’s, for some macarons and port.  My parents visited and we went to the Museum of Vancouver for the Art Deco Chic and Neon Vancouver | Ugly Vancouver exhibits.  We celebrated my father-in-law Rob’s 60th birthday with a surprise party and I toured one of the brand new buildings the company I work for has just finished building.  Myra Callan (of Twigs & Honeygorgeous book I preordered,”Adornments”, arrived in the mail and Rohe demolished his cat scratcher… and that was September for me!

I haven’t posted my iPhone photos in a while, September was busy but quiet, as Ryan left for school the first week of the month.  Rohebo is keeping me company!  I experimented with drying pink roses and craspedia (billy balls) and made a pretty new style of boutonniere with dried lavender my mom dried for me from her garden.  I made my first movie with clips I shot at Lost Lagoon at night!

While grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I spotted a few bunches of these gorgeously fun billy balls (Genus Craspedia) and I snatched them up!  I thought pairing them with these adorable baby pink roses and a few sprigs of lavender my mom grew and dried might be a sweet combination!  Our living room is a dried flower factory right now with rows and rows of dried baby roses, billy balls and a few other testers I’m trying out!  Check out the new design listed now in my Etsy shop!