Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2012

I’m not as proud of my shots from this year’s Sunshine Coast Art Crawl as last year (part 1, part 2, part 3), but we did see some beautiful and inspiring work being done up on the Sunshine Coast!  I think my favourite studio was that of “ox + monkey” and Amelia Epp (images 5-9) and a close second was the “this is it” studio in robert’s creek (images 14-16).  The weekend inspired me to keep working at what makes me happy!

  1. Hi Alison, this is Kez from ox + monkey… thanks for putting some pix of my work up! I love them and wonder if I can use some high rez shots of yours (with credit of course!)? Also, I am from Alberta and Star Wars was the hub of my youth, I MUST attend this event before April! cheers.

  2. Hi there Kez! Neato, i’m so glad you like the pictures, your work is beautiful, the photos hardly do it justice! Absolutely – I can email them to “”?

    The exhibit is wonderful, if you are able to make a trip to Edmonton before April, I highly recommend it! The website says to stay tuned for more cities that will be added to the schedule, but I’m not sure if Vancouver will be on the list! Fingers crossed, i’d love to go again!

    Thanks again for your comment! Your work is so inspiring!

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