Street Style from Couture and Menswear Weeks!

Images 1-3 Tommy Ton for Image 4 by Phil Oh for Images 5-7 by Nam of Streetfsn. Images 8-9 by Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil.  Image 10 by The Sartorialist (an oldie not from couture/menswear week, but it inspired me this week).

What I love the most about fashion weeks are the stylish show-goers making their way to view the beautiful collections and the models wearing the latest and greatest running between shows!  Above are a few of my favourites from Couture and Menswear weeks from my favourite street style photographers!

  1. the blazer in the third image down is gorgeous! i think i saw it on asos a while back… totally affordable. love how she mixed the different blues together… love this post alison!

  2. isn’t the pattern beautiful?! this woman appears in so many menswear week street style shots and her outfit in EVERY shot is so sleek and cool! do you know who she is?
    thanks for commenting Kirin!

  3. no.. i don’t know who she is… but i totally recognize her. she is SO stylish! XO

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