My new favourite blog: The Northern Light

Hedvig of The Northern Light mixes feminine and masculine, high-end and affordable, and plays with volume and prints!  Her style is clean and refreshing and always with a bit of fun!  My favourite outfit is one she assembled for the Editer article “All in the Jeans” –  the Multi-Arrow Stiletto Skinny Jeans by Current/Elliott  mixed with the chunky mint green Acne sweater and silver Alexander Wang sandals!  All images from The Northern Light.

  1. Tatiana said:

    Oh my goodness!! I love how her style is super clean without being boring.

    • Exactly what I like about her too, Tatiana! She doesn’t overcomplicate her outfits, but they are still visually eye-catching! Thanks for your comment!

  2. she is gorgeous. she is the perfect example of easy-going – that mustard skirt with the sneakers is so fabulous. May have to steal that look! XO

    • i’m hoping that proenza skirt is going to be coming up on the outnet, kirin! it is on the homepage lookbook but alas, still not there! i love it, it looks great dressed down with those sneakers, but it could be dressed up with black pumps so easily! thanks for your comment Kirin! xoxo

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