Burberry Resort 2013

After closely watching Burberry for the past few seasons, I really feel confident in saying that if I could only wear Burberry pieces for the rest of my life, I would never be disappointed!  This Resort 2013 maintains that standard and re-invents Burberry’s woman (while staying true to the essence of Burberry). She is ridiculously cool, effortlessly sharp and luxuriously comfortable – the Burberry woman is everything I want to be!!  If I HAVE to pick my favourite look, it would have to be the 1st leather jacket with yellow clutch look, with the striped pant suit look in close second!!  All images from Vogue.com.

  1. Manon said:

    I would pick the second outfit, it’s really what I like to wear in spring. But I have to say the leather jacket and yellow clutch are so beautiful!! I’m a big Burberry fan as well, it’s always a delight to see what Christopher Bailey puts together every season 🙂
    And you describe the Burberry woman so well! It’s exactly what it feels and looks like, but I couldn’t find the exact words until I read yours!


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