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There are so many beautiful, fluttery, feminine pieces in this Chloé Resort 2013 collection, I couldn’t  choose just 4 looks!  I love the soft pastel and camel palette, and the emphasis of oversized and exaggerated shapes to enable that feeling of ease and comfort that one would want strolling through a wheat field (or on a summer vacation) 😉  Love the styling, love the setting, love this collection!  All images from


Yikes!  It has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted!  Last weekend R and I went up to my parents place in RC and Mom and I dried some more flowers for an Etsy project!  It was R’s birthday last week, Father’s Day on Sunday and my Mom’s birthday was on Monday, so Dad treated us to dinner and delicious Townsite Tin Hat IPA and Zunga Golden Blonde beer at the gorgeous Rockwater Resort in Secret Cove!  We are so excited that there is a new brewery on the Sunshine Coast producing such flavourful craft beer!!  We can’t wait to try more of Townsite’s amazing beer!

Tracy and I drove to Port Moody to visit arOka Vintage’s Grand Opening and Market Sale on Saturday afternoon!  The house and beautiful garden were teeming with inspiring tables and vendors with their jewelry, eco-friendly wedding dresses by Patty Nayel of Pure Magnolia in North Vancouver, photography, beautiful snacks and vintage finds for sale!  Inside the adorable house was furniture for sale/rent, decorative vases and glassware, bins of vintage costume jewelry – brooches, necklaces, earrings – and a boudoir of frothy vintage party dresses!  I wish I would have had access to this wonderful boutique when I was planning and collecting pieces for our wedding!!  If you’re getting married and want vintage pieces or inspiration, I would highly recommend visiting arOka Vintage!

Wow.  Want to look chic, cool, sophisticated, comfortable and fiercely put-together?  No, I’m not talking about Burberry anymore, but this Belstaff Resort 2013 collection could almost give it a run for its money!  The colour palette of beautiful and natural muted tones allows each piece to go with any other in the collection, the interesting but subtle detail allows for intrigue without overwhelming!  The leather pieces are my favourite – especially the quilted black leather pants in the 2nd to last look! All images from

After closely watching Burberry for the past few seasons, I really feel confident in saying that if I could only wear Burberry pieces for the rest of my life, I would never be disappointed!  This Resort 2013 maintains that standard and re-invents Burberry’s woman (while staying true to the essence of Burberry). She is ridiculously cool, effortlessly sharp and luxuriously comfortable – the Burberry woman is everything I want to be!!  If I HAVE to pick my favourite look, it would have to be the 1st leather jacket with yellow clutch look, with the striped pant suit look in close second!!  All images from

A few pictures from last weekend… I bought some peonies (my 2nd favourite flower) for a co-worker before she left for her mat leave, a picture of a reluctant Rohe on my MacBook photobooth cam, Ryan and I made our imitation Japadog (miso mayo, green onion and shaved daikon – a delicious fresh twist on a summer favourite), Rohe pretended to be a real cat by walking on our window sill and Ryan snapped the few seconds Rohe was actually snuggling (until he realized where he was and escaped).