4 days in Edmonton!

My bridesmaid BFF Pam has been accepted to Parsons this fall, so I made a quick visit to Edmonton before she moves away!

Friday we fueled up with my new latest obsession (which unfortunately has not yet hit Vancouver?!) Tutti Fruitti on Whyte Ave!  I had lychee yogurt with fresh kiwi, lychee and passionfruit bobas (wow amazing!)  After yogurt was shopping along Whyte Ave in Old Strathcona (my favourite purchases from Oak + Fort I will do an outfit post on soon), we hit West Edmonton Mall and Southgate Mall (my old faves).

Saturday morning we visited the City Market downtown!  My favourite booth was from a vendor named Sally Abbott, who was selling her Tweelings!  Pam bought a cute little blue bird for a friend who is expecting a baby boy!  Such cute critters!  We had an amazing lunch at the Duchess Bake Shop (macarons and coconut cream pies) and drinks after dinner at Sugarbowl!  My favourite new beer discovery is the Aprikat wheat ale made at a local Edmonton brewery called Alley Kat Brewing!

My wonderful friends (and kindred spirits) Matt and Kevin had Pam, Erin (BFF) and I over to their new home for a delicious dinner cooked by Kevin!  We got to meet their adorable new kittens Rocky (a stunning Bengal) and Tippy (an adorably shy Medium hair tabby).  I had to resist posting all the pictures I took of them! (OH and we watched my most favourite movie EVER – Clue!!!!  Best. Night. Ever.)

The day I left I got to briefly visit with one of my first BFF’s Ashley and I was able to see her beautiful new townhouse she bought and is reno/decorating!  She has amazing taste,  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  I also was able to briefly visit with my jet-setting brother Ian, who was just back from his trip to London/Paris!

I had such a great time visiting my old home and some of my best friends!  I’ll be back as soon as I can!

  1. jamie said:

    aw! love it! great photos.

    • hehe thanks Jamie! Being surrounded by friends who feel like family was so wonderful!

  2. Meghan said:

    I’m so sad I missed seeing you! FYI – I was at the christening of the Alley Kat Beer tanks (?) back in 1993ish as my neighbour actually started up with a partner (he ended up selling his share though, so is no longer involved).

    • I’m so sorry this was such a last minute trip, Megs! I hope you had a good time in Ontario! I will come back to Edmonton soon and we will have a proper visit like I promised! Oh neato!! It is a great summery beer! It was great to sample a local Edmonton brew!

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