my weeks in iPhone photos.

Phewf!  A few weeks of my life packed into this iPhone update, my new job has me visiting condos and buildings around town with my boss and this first shot is atop the rental suites at 18 West Hastings!  A pretty neat view of downtown and Gastown!  (We are basically on top of Bitter!)  Rohe embracing laundry day again, wrapped up in our comforter while the cover is being washed.  Ryan bought me an orchid after a stressful day at work, I walk to work along Pacific St to get to work, and there have been Canadian Geese basking in the rare patches of sunlight we’ve been getting the past few weeks.

Ryan and I walked around downtown last weekend and the magnolias are starting to bloom, probably my favourite flowering tree!  Daffodils are out and blooming all over the neighbourhood too, its great to finally feel that spring is coming!  Ryan has been making bread today, and it has turned out beautifully!  Quite a tasty hobby, thanks Ryan!  And I went in to H&M looking for pretty tops to wear to a wedding that Ryan and I are photographing in a few weekends, and found this Marni at H&M silky dot dress (someone must have returned it), so I’m excited to wear it soon!

    • Thanks Robyn! I know, I can’t believe how great the camera is on the iPhone 4S?! I feel more confident leaving the house w/out my full camera now b/c i know i can always capture a decent memory on my phone! 🙂

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