red, mint & blue

Oxford shirt from Gap, Red 1969 legging jeans from Gap, Mint belt from H&M, Michael Kors watch, Classic cream Toms Shoes, Mike & Chris studded Maguire leather jacket, Ashley Watson Warbler bag, Kio Yamato KP-083U glasses.

Ryan took a few pictures of my new work outfit (with his new Canon 5D Mark II baby – Thanks Ry)!  I’m really loving bright pant colours (I now own cobalt, mustard and red pants), and Gap has lots of great options right now (including a beautiful emerald green coloured legging jean)!  It’s starting to feel a lot more like spring, the bulbs are blooming, its getting warmer outside and we decided to walk along the Park and up Robson to grab a quick (and always delicious) snack at the Roaming Dragon (again), and this time we snacked on the fried rice balls (of course) and tried the Tuna Tataki Sammys! Deeeelish!  Hop over to Ryan’s blog to read his review!

  1. Ellen said:

    I love this outfit! the colors look great!

    • Thanks Ellen! I thought the mint was a neat way of softening the red?

      • Ellen said:

        It totally is!

      • Those Roaming Dragon sandwiches were incredible!

  2. Crystal said:

    You look awesome! Nice pictures 🙂

    • Thank you Crystal! I’m going to try to do 1 outfit post a week!

  3. I’ve heard red jeans are the new “black” — just don’t know if I’m brave enough! But the outfit is adorable on you. 🙂

    • I felt like a walking tomato the first time I wore them out in public, Mikalee, but I feel as though they energize me now! Maybe try a bright pant with a cream/neutral top first to ease your way in! Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  4. Jessie said:

    I have a similar kind jeans but from H&M and I always thought that it was just black/white that went along with it but you proved me wrong. I love how you put the colors together .. so simple yet chic! I soo need to start experimenting with clothes now. Haha!
    Ps: You are gorgeous!

    • Aw thanks so much Jessie! I wanted to jazz up my office wear, so I thought the bright red would wake up my blue shirt! I like to save interesting colour/texture/pattern combos I come across on style blogs and in magazines to try and revive tired clothes in my closet! xoxo

  5. i love the ensemble!! the color mixtures are very nice!! you look awesome!! 😀

    • Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog! You guys are inspiring me to keep on posting! 🙂

    • Thanks Katie! I liked how simple it was too! Colour only, no pattern, no real texture, just colour! (And yes, those burgers were to die for!)
      Thanks for your comment! xoxo

  6. icahicahicah said:

    really adorable :”>

    • Thank you!!! My Toms are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! I’m on my 3rd pair of cream-coloured ones, I wear them as often as the weather lets me! I highly recommend them as casual shoes!

      • Yehh… I’m definately thinking about getting a pair!! x

  7. The outfit looks great on you….such a nice combo of peppy colours 🙂

  8. Pretty, pretty combo. Fab with the red hair, might I add.

    • Thank you for visiting! I was SO surprised to look at my viewership today, I thought it must be an error! I’m so flattered!!

  9. Carrie said:

    That pair of jeans is in a special red! Very smart~ And OMG what’s the name of the flower in purple petals? Some kind of tulip? Just LOVE them!!

    • Thanks Carrie! Gap has lots of great bright colours in right now! Those are one my favourite spring flowers – crocuses! Thanks so much for your comment! 🙂

      • Carrie said:

        crocuses?! Nice!!

  10. cute! I love the colors, not sure how good it would look on me though 🙂

    • You should definitely give it a try, Elizabeth! You will surprise yourself! Thanks for visiting!! xoxo

  11. Nice outfit. Pretty colors and great photos.

    Congrats …..Freshly Pressed!

    • Thank you so much for visiting and commenting! I was so surprised and flattered to be featured on Freshly Pressed!

    • Aw thank you Eduardo! I was lucky to have my husband take the photos, he’s a great shot! 🙂

  12. lijiujiu said:

    Wow, how beautiful the girl is. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  13. Wow! You really dress well and I was more amazed when I read that you have a graduate degree in biology. I love your pictures and that long sleeves from Gap. Is that from a recent collection? I think I have to visit a store late and check it out too. I want to own one. Have a great day ahead and congratulations for making it in the freshly pressed.

    • Thanks Diane! Hehe yep my training is in marine biology, but I love fashion! I got lazy living in the lab, wearing sweats and holed t-shirts to work! Now i’m trying to be creative with my wardrobe! 🙂
      Yes I bought all the Gap items in the last few months, I’m not sure if the Blue shirt can still be found but I know that the Red Jeans are still in store, I saw them yesterday while looking for mint jeans (my next project!)
      Thanks so much for your comment and hope you have a great day too!

    • Thanks dear! I couldn’t have done it without the great photos you took of me!

  14. Hi Alison, I like those beautiful purple bulbs that are blooming. So beautiful and congratulations to making it to freshly pressed!

      • Even without the uber bright colors you are beautiful to look at from space or from across the room.

    • Thank you so much! I dye it myself using L’Oréal’s Superior Preference RP07 Intense Red Copper!

      • I envy all the girls that can color their locks red.

  15. Liking the colour popping too, I’m really into it too, coral’s my new favourite right now!

  16. I LOVE the Roaming Dragon. Have you ever tried their lychee lemonade? On another note, great outfit!

    • I have! Its so refreshing and unique with the basil! Thanks for commenting!!

  17. hey girl! u look absolutely yummy! I love ur look!

  18. I really like the combination of the colors and I love the watch! 🙂
    Nice pictures. I will stop by again!
    Cheers from Munich! Tornadine

    • Thanks so much Tornadine! You’ve got a great blog too! Its so neat to hear from people all over the world! xoxo

      • Thank you! 🙂 Yeah, that´s what I love about blogging! All the best!

  19. Reblogged this on aquahlekkergarla and commented:
    this colour combination does work…i never thoght it could here it is wow…#thinking of what iam missing in my wadrobe to come up with it…

    • thanks for the reblog! i’m trying to challenge myself to come up with neat new colour combinations to get the most out of my closet!

  20. Love it! I’ve been doing the red/blue thing lately as well but I’ll have to try the mint. Congrats on being FP!

    • Thanks so much Kathryn! Right on! Yeah i’m loving all the pastels for Spring! My next mint purchase might have to be some mint jeans i’m lusting after!

  21. this post makes me want a gold watch more than I already do! Lovely outfit!

    • awesome! i highly recommend indulging in a gold watch! i love mine!

  22. Tatiana said:

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂 I love your outfit – and I’m so glad to see someone rocking glasses like that.

      • Tatiana said:

        Indeed! Those are very nice. 🙂

  23. L said:

    Love the whole outfit! I really want to get myself a pair of coloured jeans too. Very cheery 🙂

    • Thanks L! Go for it! Great way to add some punch to a wardrobe! 🙂

  24. love the colours and the bulbs are pretty amazing too

    • my favourite thing about spring – the bulbs blooming everywhere after winter! thanks for your comment!

  25. ashee said:


    • thanks Shreya! the burger was SO delicious! If you’re ever in Vancouver, I highly recommend hitting the Roaming Dragon food truck!!

      • I’ll keep that in Mind!! 😀 Love your post, by the way 😀 x

    • Thanks so much Alyssa! My husband shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II and I shoot with a Canon 7D 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comment Alexandria! Great blog!

  26. Thank you for commenting, C.D.! Loving your neat blog!

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