Mary Katrantzou Fall 2012 RTW

Creatively, this collection is by FAR my favourite collection of NYFW, LFW, PFW and MFW, but is edged out by Burberry Prorsum only because of its true wearability.  Mary Katrantzou is a GENIUS when it comes to mixing colours and patterns and shapes to create visual masterpieces on the runway!  She plays so flawlessly with structure, then she seamlessly moves on to fluid and flowy fabrics and back again.  She uses such vibrant and bold colours, but also softens her palette with lavenders and blush pinks.  Sigh.  I geeked out last fall when I was able to TOUCH one of her SS2011 dresses at The Room at the Bay here in Vancouver (I used antibacterial hand gel before I did, I promise).   My dream dress from this collection would have to be pictured in image 4 (lavender and blush pink) – I’m also in awe of the long green flowy number pictured in image 5, but I would wear the cocktail dress more often (you know, because I need to be practical)!  All images from


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