the weekend

The weekend went by too fast, of course, and with daylight sayings, it feels like it went by even faster 😉  I as lucky enough to snag a pair of the shoes that I was hoping for from the Marni at H&M collaboration that went on sale on March 8th!  I wasn’t able to line up in the morning downtown, but I hoofed it over to Pacific Centre after work around 5 and there were 2 pairs left, both in my size!  Not much else was left though, a few styles that didn’t seem to have proven too popular, 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of socks!  I’m really excited about my shoes,  I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can wear them out!

Saturday, Ryan and I cleaned the apartment top to bottom (with Rohe’s help of course) and I added a piece of costume jewelry to my collection, a red and silver floral piece, once owned by my dad’s mom.  My parents had given it to me last weekend when I was up for a visit (and to stain and varnish the bed my dad has made for us – more on that later) – thanks you guys!

Ryan and I visited Rob and Jeri on Sunday, and stopped at my favourite Main street craft store on the way (some neat graffiti in the alleys leading up to it), and I shipped my second Etsy order!  We accomplished a lot, but I wish we had just one more day!  Hope you had a great weekend too!

  1. ahh! i got the shoes too! i wanted a couple other things but those were the main focus! can’t wait to see how you style them! i’m waiting for it to warm up a bit here before i sport them! XO

    • I love how you styled yours, Kirin! I haven’t had a chance to wear mine yet but the weather has warmed up so much, I’ll have to assemble an outfit asap! 🙂 thanks again for your comment! xoxo

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