my last few weeks in iphone photos.

The last few weeks of February have been really busy!  First, Ryan got me some beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day (picture 1) and some amazing cheese from Benton Brothers (not pictured, we ate too fast), my father-in-law Rob took Michelle and I to an adorable café on Broadway called Baguette & Co and it was SO hard to choose a treat to have with our delicious coffees (picture 2)!  Rob and I had a piece of a custardy delicious flan – I will definitely be going back there!  I started a new job at an office in walking distance, so I walk along English Bay (or if I drive with Ryan, across the Burrard Bridge back to downtown – picture 7) to get to work and back!  It’s a beautiful walk, made easier when the sun is shining and spring flowers are sprouting all along the way (picture 3)!  Ryan and I tried a new Korean restaurant on Denman called Damso and had their bibimbap – fantastic!  A spicy mix of meat, veggies, egg, sticky rice…. very tasty (picture 4)!

My parents and I made a trip out to IKEA and I had my favourite – the hardboiled egg atop of mayonnaise and shrimp with fresh dill and lemon on toast (picture 5)! Fantastisk!  Michelle, Ryan, and Michelle’s friends (and our new friends) Sherri and Jordy had our first beer tasting/food pairing night!  I failed to document it, so there will have to be  a next time, but pictured in picture 6 are a few of our beers we tried!  It was a great way of trying new types of beer and trying to guess what might go best with them (picture 6)!  Finally (picture 8), I brought an orchid to work for my new boss and her new office!  It had to arrive safely!  Hope you all had a great week!


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