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Romantic, romanesque, regal – Dolce & Gabbana’s rich textiles and detail are so beautiful and feminine, it makes me dream of royal courts from the italian baroque period!  It also makes me want to wear one of those amazingly gorgeous bejewelled tiaras!  Check out one of my FAVOURITE blogs’ – HonestlyWTF – DIY for making a Dolce & Gabbana-inspired tiara!  I’m definitely going to give it a whirl!  All images from


Futuristic, flashy, and definitely fun, Blumarine’s Fall RTW 2012 collection reminded me a little of Jem and the Holograms!  Powerful and feminine, funky and bright, I would kill for a pair of those iridescent pumps and hi-tops!  All images from

1. Rag & Bone Leigh Jacket, 2. Dior Gaucho small saddle bag, 3. Zara contrasting polka dot blouse, 4. JBrand jeans, 5. Vintage belt (gifted to me by Jeri and Rob – it was previously worn by a Johnny Cash impersonator – not kidding) , 6. Zara leopard booties.

My friend Tracy just gifted me a beautiful Dior bag that I’ve been coveting for years, THANK YOU TRACY!  I couldn’t help but pull silly doofy faces for pretty much 100% of the nice photos Ryan was kind enough to take of me in the Park (sorry Ry), so these outfit shots are the best of the bunch (awkwaaaard)!  Hopefully you can get the idea of what I love about this simple outfit, polka dots and leopard – simple but still interesting?)

Ryan and I wandered around downtown Saturday, running some errands and enjoying the lovely weather!  We came across the first magnolia tree i’ve seen out in bloom this spring, and in the span of the 5 minutes we stood taking pictures, about 10 people also stopped and snapped it’s amazing blooms!  Probably my favourite flowering tree!  Hope you had a great weekend too!

Outfit shots by Ryan, magnolia shots by me.

I’m slowly catching up on all the inspirational looks I collected from Vogue’s fashion week coverage, and my favourites from Aquascutum will be the last from London Fashion Week!  I love a beautiful, structured coat, and this collection has some stunning ones!  I love the structured shapes and gorgeous plum, teal and pale lavender colours!  Very smart and elegant!  All images from

Oxford shirt from Gap, Red 1969 legging jeans from Gap, Mint belt from H&M, Michael Kors watch, Classic cream Toms Shoes, Mike & Chris studded Maguire leather jacket, Ashley Watson Warbler bag, Kio Yamato KP-083U glasses.

Ryan took a few pictures of my new work outfit (with his new Canon 5D Mark II baby – Thanks Ry)!  I’m really loving bright pant colours (I now own cobalt, mustard and red pants), and Gap has lots of great options right now (including a beautiful emerald green coloured legging jean)!  It’s starting to feel a lot more like spring, the bulbs are blooming, its getting warmer outside and we decided to walk along the Park and up Robson to grab a quick (and always delicious) snack at the Roaming Dragon (again), and this time we snacked on the fried rice balls (of course) and tried the Tuna Tataki Sammys! Deeeelish!  Hop over to Ryan’s blog to read his review!

Creatively, this collection is by FAR my favourite collection of NYFW, LFW, PFW and MFW, but is edged out by Burberry Prorsum only because of its true wearability.  Mary Katrantzou is a GENIUS when it comes to mixing colours and patterns and shapes to create visual masterpieces on the runway!  She plays so flawlessly with structure, then she seamlessly moves on to fluid and flowy fabrics and back again.  She uses such vibrant and bold colours, but also softens her palette with lavenders and blush pinks.  Sigh.  I geeked out last fall when I was able to TOUCH one of her SS2011 dresses at The Room at the Bay here in Vancouver (I used antibacterial hand gel before I did, I promise).   My dream dress from this collection would have to be pictured in image 4 (lavender and blush pink) – I’m also in awe of the long green flowy number pictured in image 5, but I would wear the cocktail dress more often (you know, because I need to be practical)!  All images from

The weekend went by too fast, of course, and with daylight sayings, it feels like it went by even faster 😉  I as lucky enough to snag a pair of the shoes that I was hoping for from the Marni at H&M collaboration that went on sale on March 8th!  I wasn’t able to line up in the morning downtown, but I hoofed it over to Pacific Centre after work around 5 and there were 2 pairs left, both in my size!  Not much else was left though, a few styles that didn’t seem to have proven too popular, 2 pairs of shoes and a pair of socks!  I’m really excited about my shoes,  I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can wear them out!

Saturday, Ryan and I cleaned the apartment top to bottom (with Rohe’s help of course) and I added a piece of costume jewelry to my collection, a red and silver floral piece, once owned by my dad’s mom.  My parents had given it to me last weekend when I was up for a visit (and to stain and varnish the bed my dad has made for us – more on that later) – thanks you guys!

Ryan and I visited Rob and Jeri on Sunday, and stopped at my favourite Main street craft store on the way (some neat graffiti in the alleys leading up to it), and I shipped my second Etsy order!  We accomplished a lot, but I wish we had just one more day!  Hope you had a great weekend too!