The Roaming Dragon!

Ryan and I have been wanting to try the Roaming Dragon food truck since we saw it on an episode of The Food Network’s “Eat Street” at least a year ago, but we’d never been able to coordinate our trips downtown to when it would be in its spot on Robson and Burrard and open!  Now since we LIVE downtown, we were determined to try the food we’ve been salivating over for so long, and yesterday, we DID!  (And it did not disappoint!)  We started with the Fried Rice Balls – Crispy and crunchy on the outside and packed with flavour on the inside (sausage, shrimp, chicken, mustard greens and rice), drizzled with a divine curry aioli that added a brightness to each bite – I’m craving them right now, we might have to walk back down Robson to grab a dozen for lunch!

We tried one of their specials – a Sloppy Duck – “sauteed ground duck on a Vietnamese bun with cucumber, coleslaw, pickled cabbage and red onion, mint and cilantro”.  It definitely lived up to its name!  The bun was PACKED so we ate with our forks!  I would highly recommend trying this special, the meat was so tender and flavourful, the bun was sweet and lightly toasted, the pickled veggies added a nice sourness, and the pops of cilantro and mint brightened the whole sandwich!  We washed our meals down with their Lychee Basil Lemonade,  sweet and fresh and aMAzing!  All in all an extremely delicious, fresh, flavourful, modern meal, unlike anything I’ve tasted so far – we will definitely be back!

    • I need more of those Fried Rice Balls. Like right now.

  1. lysamr said:

    This is exactly why I would choose a chef over a maid (if given the option) I love yummy food and I am just not chef material. I am salivating over the fried rice balls.

    • Heheheh good choice Lisa, I’d do the same! How amazing would it be to have food like this cooked for us every day? If I could have those rice balls every day I’d be one happy lady! 🙂

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