Etsy Shop FINALLY open!

After WAY too much of a delay, I’ve finally listed items on my Etsy Shop!  Let me know what you think – any feedback would be greatly appreciated! xoxo (oh and I already know i’m a dork, so no snickering at the photos please, Ryan wouldn’t model the hair pieces, so I had to use myself ;))

images 3 and 7-10 by Jamie Delaine Photography.

  1. so gorgeous! i have a friend getting married in the fall so i’ll send her the link. the boutonnieres are so lovely! XO

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kirin! That would be great, thank you so much for recommending me!!

  2. Lisa said:

    Question… that second last picture (14) is that on your Etsy shop? Cause I absolutely love that one but I think I may be blind because I do not see it.

    • Hi Lisa! Nope you’re not blind, that piece was in the store, but it was purchased! I’m going to remake it and list it again asap! 🙂

  3. camillabehrens said:

    So pretty! Beautiful. Sweet. LOVE!

    • Thanks for your kinds words, Vasare! I’m a huge admirer of your work too!

  4. Ellen said:

    So awesome! I just love it!

    • Thanks for all of your support, Ellen! I’m so glad you like it!!

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