Spring 2012 Couture favourites, part 2!

(All images from Vogue.com unless otherwise noted.)  Omgee – Givenchy.  So Givenchy takes my award for best Spring Couture 2012 collection, hands down!  Bouchra Jarrar is by far my favourite newcomer and more wearable, but this Givenchy collection is the definition of stunning from head-to-toe!  Ok let me start with the collection shot, staged as Givenchy’s basketball team for the 2012 spring season?!  Way to seal the deal for me if I wasn’t already obsessed with this collection!  Nice uniforms! Ours never looked THAT amazing!  I dug through my old files to find one of my old team shots as a comparison…(Only shot I could find of my high school team. Can you see me?)  Definitely would choose the Givenchy uniforms, though ours were more appropriate for movement… but who would care if we looked that spiff?!  Below I chose a few of my favourites, the decorated reptile skin leather and flawless drapery and beading at the small of the back?!  And the accessories are perfect – jewelled nose-rings and oversized chandelier drop earrings dripping with diamonds?!  Such a gorgeous, edgy and romantic visual!(Givenchy detail shots sources: image1, image2.)  Ok no collection can beat that Givenchy collection for me, but the shows must go on, so next, my picks from Chanel!  I love the cut and structure of the royal blue dress,  such a perfect dress for work or for dinner out on the town!  Chanel kept it edgy and modern with the punky hair styling and makeup, but its classicism shines on with gorgeously feminine dresses and luxurious detail and embellishment!Finally, Armani Privé!  I’m actually NEVER a fan of Armani, to me its usually geared towards a much older customer, it’s far too simple and quite frankly, too dull for my taste, but this couture collection MIGHT start turning me to an Armani fan?  I’m pleasantly surprised by the fun flouncy oversized skirts, the subtle shimmer of the material, the surprisingly youthful feel of the collection, and the interesting cuts of the dresses pictured below… hmmm… I’m looking forward to seeing his next collection…


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