Mast Brothers Chocolate

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

We made a quick stop into Old Faithful in Gastown and picked up some of the BEST chocolate I’ve ever had – Mast Brothers Chocolate!  We chose the “Brooklyn Blend”, “Almond & Sea Salt“, and the “Vanilla & Smoke” bar!  Each bar has a distinct flavour, a rich quality cocoa flavour, each infused with special notes: the Vanilla & Smoke bar is stunning – the ingredients are described as “smoked cacao and bourbon vanilla bean” – and I definitely wouldn’t argue with that!  I didn’t expect to get much of a smoky flavour from the chocolate, maybe just a slightly smoky aftertaste, but from the first whiff and then bite, a rich, smoky flavour sets in and REALLY compliments the subtle sweetness of the vanilla and chocolate!  It’s almost as though you’re eating the best chocolate bar you’ve ever tasted while sitting in front of a warm campfire, lightly inhaling the smoke and letting it meld (and melt) in your mouth!

Next visit – Black Truffle!

  1. looks delicious! i need to try and find it where i am! XO

    • I highly recommend the Vanilla & Smoke (and the Almond and Sea Salt :)) You can order them off their website, but i’m sure someone must stock them somewhere near you if we have them all the way up here!

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