outfit – mustard & eggplant

1. mint earrings from violette veldor in victoria, 2. scarf from aritzia, 3. elizabeth and james black silk tank, 4. mike & chris maguire studded leather jacket, 5. purple sweater from aritzia, 6. cheap monday mustard jeans.

So, when Ryan tries to take my picture, I make a super goofy face and I look ridiculous – and me trying not to make a goofy face looks even creepier!  I’m going to have to either practice having my picture taken or hire Jamie Delaine for every outfit post… hmmmm I know what I would prefer hehehe 😉

This is a typical casual outfit I like to wear in the Fall, I love wearing layers, mixing colours, and I LOVE my scarves!  These mustard coloured Cheap Monday jeans have been a staple for me the past 6 months, they go with everything and add a bit of interest to even the most plain of my outfits (such as this one)!

Along with the seasonal beer and Fall/Winter seasonal coffees, being able to pile on the layers of colour and texture in what I wear makes me love the colder seasons! (Except for downright freezing weather where you pretty much are in a large marshmallow with only your eyes showing!)  The bouquet I included is one of my favourite combos – peonies and kale!

  1. Great outfit! I love everything, but especially the scarf, pants and jacket! Well done 😀

    • Aw thanks so much for your comment! It’s a little intimidating venturing out into outfit posting, so your support is greatly appreciated!

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