I’ve been delinquent with my posts, my sister-in-law Michelle and I have been working on a neat interior design project, more details shared soon!  Ok, so on to my resolutions; a standard for every new year, a batch of goals to try and work at throughout the year!

1. Be healthy!  I want to work on this resolution for both my emotional and my physical health.  2011 was one of the most stressful years of my life, and I am still feeling the effects of it (including 2 white hair patches on the back of my head – eep-  I guess I’ll just have to keep dyeing my hair ;)).  I’m hoping to use this feeling of a new year to work towards being happy, and healthy!  I want to get back into my basketball, keep working at running 2x a week and I want to bring my bike up to my parents place in Roberts Creek and start exploring the Sunshine Coast by bike!

2. Blog redesign!  I’ve had this layout since its inception, and I want to give it a facelift sometime soon! Time to start collecting ideas for some changes!

3. Use Vimeo more often!  I have a vimeo account, but the only videos I consistently record are… guess what? cat videos! My goal is to practice taking better videos and learning to use and working them up in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut!

4.  Have 365 posts for this year!  I’m already behind a few days in my posting, I’ll need to churn out a few double days at this pace!  My blog keeps my creative side going right now, and I need to exceed my record of 200 posts last year!

5. Open that darn Etsy Shop!  I’ve been diddling around with my projects for my Etsy shop, and I need to just open the silly thing!

6. More Baking!  I really do love to bake, and since Ryan loves cooking so much (and doesn’t enjoy baking), I want to experiment and discover new tasty homemade treats for us to enjoy!

7. More personal style posting!  I draw so much inspiration from the blogger and street style community, I was to join in the fun and participate in more outfit posts!So these are just a few of the minor everyday goals I have for myself this year!  Good luck with yours and Happy New Year!

  1. lysamr said:

    Yes, please open the Etsy shop! I am excited for 2012 and excited to see all your creativeness!

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement, Lisa! It’s the absolute next thing on my to-do list!

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