movie on my radar: Sleeping Beauty

video source: solidstatethe on youtube. screenshots from the trailer, images 1 & 4.Mysterious and a little strange, the trailer for “Sleeping Beauty” makes me want to see more of this classic fairytale with a dark, modern angle!  I’m really drawn to movies that have a unique or strong sense of style, whether it is in interior design or fashion, and “Sleeping Beauty” appears to have an understated elegance demonstrated in the use of lush fabrics, costumes and ornate interior decor!

When I first saw the trailer, all I could think of was “Lanvin, Halston, Bill Blass” – draped grecian dresses and tailored luxurious classics styled with stunning statement jewelry!  I put together a little board of pieces inspired by the trailer!

1. Clothing & Accessories – Bill Blass Backless Cashmere Set, Lanvin Belted Wrap Dress, Halston Off-the-shoulder jersey gown, Marni Swarovski crystal-embellished and horn drop earrings.

2. Furniture – Howell Leather WingbackJack Club Chair.

3. Nymphenburg Mocha Cup Demitasse Cup, Jamali Garden bronze urns, Royale Vase, Wedgwood Golden Bird Teacup, Wedgwood Anthemion Blue Teapot.

  1. Tatiana said:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! And I absolutely love Emily Browning. She’s the real reason I want to see this movie. {Besides the fashion, haha!}

  2. Isn’t she a beauty? I’m hoping the story is as interesting as the fashion and décor! Thanks Tatiana!

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