Marni x H&M

video source: hennesandmauritz on youtube, screenshots from the video.  I wasn’t terribly keen on the Versace x H&M collaboration that was unleashed this past November, just not my style, but I’m stoked over the fact that the next designer collaboration with the Swedish mega retailer will be with eclectic and unique label Marni.

Ooooo awkward eccentric print-loving mod girls everywhere are probably swooning!  Take a peek at the preview video from H&M – it looks as though we can expect bold prints, graphic jewelry (I’m LOVING the blocked bracelets and necklaces, and the white floral necklaces) and statement architectural flats (basically the essence of Marni and everything we love about the label)!  Very excited, though not sure if I’ll be standing in line overnight 😉

    • Me too! The more I watch the video, the more I’m actually considering braving the crowds! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

      • Thank you too. The more I read about it, H & M is supposed to be online by then. You may not have to brave the lines, just the cyber ones : 0

  1. Oooo I hope so! Cyber lines come with a warm apartment and a cup of coffee! I also hope they will deliver to us Canadians! 🙂

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