home office/studio inspiration!

1.,  2. and 3. jenna lyons’ office space at J.Crew (images from little bits of lovely and stylelist.com4. taylor tomasi hill’s desk in her cubicle at marie claire (image from thecoveteur.com), 5. still hunting for the source of this image   6. studio spaces from the “keegan home” (images from countryliving.com via unruly things).

7. my picks for an awesome home office, images from their respective linked sites: a. five butterfly display, b. menlo lamp, c. large hanging teardrop terrarium kit, d. linen pinboard, e. apple iMac, f. jadite charm cup and saucerg. perch barstoolh. sheepskin rug, i. counter storage unit, j. female half body dress form, k. tibetan wool rug.

Having a home office/studio has been a dream of mine for a long time! Taking inspiration from some fabulous ladies in the fashion industry, I love the idea of an aesthetically simple, yet luxurious and comforting space for creativity to flourish!

  1. love those offices! impossible not to feel inspired in a setting like that! makes me want to get started on a redo of my home office as well!

    • Thanks for your comment Kirin! I love the sort of “clean chaos” of Jenna Lyons’ office (and TTH’s cubicle)! These spaces make me feel so creative!

  2. Emily said:

    I am so in love with all of this!

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