Madeleines on a Cozy Afternoon

We finally caved and turned the heat on in the apartment!  Wearing 3 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks maybe was a little silly, but saving money on our heating bills was our priority!  I wrapped little Rohebo up in our blankets this afternoon and decided to bake some madeleines.  Jeri loaned me her antique madeleine baking pan, so I made (of course) The Barefoot Contessa’s coconut madeleines (sans coconut)!  With a cup of white peony tea and a bit of mid-afternoon sunshine (and Florence + The Machine), they were quite lovely!

  1. Yum! They were delicious… even the next day dipped in fresh coffee!

  2. Emily said:

    This sounds delightful. Love the photos!

  3. Robert Nelson said:

    Those madeleines look absolutely perfect! Glad you enjoyed the pan!
    Love Jeri

    • Ooo they were great Jeri and fun to make! Thank you for loaning me your pan! xoxo

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