My Fashion Book Wish List!

I’ve loved pouring over photo books for as long as I can remember – I love examining each photo packed with detail, picturing I’m in the photo or drawing inspiration for creativity in my own life.  I thought I’d post about a few of the books on my “wish list” that I hope to get lost in soon:

1. 90 Days One Dream by Kristian Schuller. um. amazing. Pictured above are breathtaking images from the first book on my list.  I had unknowingly found a few of Kristian Schuller’s images on tumblr (sadly unsourced when I found them), and i’m SO happy I stumbled on the identity of the artist! It’s available as an eBook on iTunes, but i’m DYING to own a paper copy! Image source NEXT!

2. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.  It seemed like this was a big Alexander McQueen year – Sarah Burton designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, and a stunning tribute to the late designer himself.  It would have been absolutely amazing to see the exhibit at the MET this summer, but since a trip to NYC wasn’t in the cards, this stunning book will have to do for now (unless it shows again in London? pleeeease!) 😉  Some of his most interesting and provocative work was on display and photos were captured by Sølve Sundsbø for this exciting book, and my fingers are crossed it will be under the Christmas tree this year! Image sources and fashionmag.com3.  Fashion Vicitims: The Catty Catalogue of Stylish Casualties by Michael Roberts.  Michael Roberts is the fashion and style director at Vanity Fair (and before that, at The New Yorker) and makes beautiful paper collages as a hobby!  My favourite piece of his, is the cover of the book by my other favourite redheaded lady –Vogue’s creative director Grace Coddington (and my icon)! (PS – this is another amazing book I’d love to get my hands on, though unfortunately I have not the funds to obtain it – it is listed on for 5000$, used :() Image from Barnes & Noble and eyesing.

Those are my top 3 atm, I’m always hunting for more inspiration!

  1. Ellen said:

    I loove these pictures by Kristian Schuller! great post!

    • Thanks Ellen! Aren’t they dreamy? I could get lost in them for hours!

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