a fall favourite, pumpkin beer!

One of the many things that I love about the fall season is the flavoured, fall beer!  Unfortunately only available for about a month (approx. mid-September to mid to late October) in liquor stores, pumpkin beer captures the warm, spicy, comforting flavour and smell of pumpkin pie and Ryan and I tried to snatch up any version that we could!

1.  St-Ambrose Pumpkin Ale – My favourite of all of the pumpkin beers, the St-Ambrose Pumpkin Ale is light and fragrant, in my opinion it is the most spicy of all the pumpkin beers and has the nicest pumpkin pie flavour!  I could definitely pick up the nutmeg in this one!  This might not be what everyone is looking for in their pumpkin beer, but it reminds me the most of Fall and Thanksgiving!

2. Post Road Pumpkin Ale – This beer from the Brooklyn Brewery had a nice, strong pumpkin smell, but I have to say, the flavour fell a little short for me.  It was probably the weakest pumpkin flavour, it reminded me a little too much that I was drinking a gourd-based beer! 😉

3. Howe Sound Pumpkineater – This is Ryan’s favourite of the pumpkin beer we sampled this Fall, it definitely has a pumpkin pie fragrance, but I felt the flavour wasn’t as spicy as my fav St-Ambrose.  It definitely has a strong pumpkin flavour (we drank some after Driftwood Brewery’s Fat Tug and the Pumpkineater was like candy!)

4. Fernie Brewing Company Pumpkin Head Pumpkin Brown Ale – Again probably one of the less spicy pumpkin beers, but definitely a good pumpkin fragrance!

5.  Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale –  Another fragrant one with a good pumpkin flavour, but I didn’t get as much spice out of this one, I’d still have to say my favourite is the St-Ambrose!

One of the beers we’d heard about, we missed out on this year – Ryan and I didn’t have any luck finding the Red Racer Pumpkin Ale, we will have to be more on-the-ball next fall and scour the liquor stores more diligently for this one!  Our next beer sampling project – Winter Ales!

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