Vancouver Mycological Society Mushroom Show

A few Sundays ago, Ryan and I went to the Vancouver Mycological Society Mushroom Show at VanDusen Gardens, and we had a blast!  There were SO many amazing local mushrooms on display, I couldn’t believe the diversity!  Mycology is always a subject I wish I knew more about, and a field guide I’ve been coveting for a long time (ahem Christmas Wish List item: Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora)!  My FAVOURITE fungi are the coral or clavarioid fungi, and I was excited to see some on display like Ryan and I found growing at Thetis Lake a few years ago

Outside the hall, there were members of the Mycological Society serving free pan-fried mushrooms and onions, and a local Mushroom Farm (Ming, I believe, please correct me if i’m wrong) deep-frying Enoki mushrooms – they were DElicious! Ryan and I bought a clump of Enoki mushrooms they were selling and we tried it at home – a fun, unique snack!

Our visit happily coincided with the Grand Opening of the new visitor’s centre at VanDusen, a beautiful new building designed by Perkins + Will.  It was a gorgeous fall day and the gardens were basking in afternoon light, a truly inspiring visit…

  1. Molliee said:

    wow those are some serious mushrooms!


    • it was nuts to see all the different kinds, Molliee! We had some nerdy fun!

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