spring 2012 RTW: offbeat obsessions

All images from vogue.com.  as some of you know, i looooove feathers, so as soon as i saw junya watanabe’s feather headpieces, i fell quickly for this collection!  Colourful, quirky, loaded with amazing detail (that cobalt ruffled leather jacket is nuts!), the feather headdresses are really just insanely delicious cherries on top of a beautifully iced tasty cake!Rick Owens’ collections usually look as though they have been beamed down from another planet (eg. F2010RTW and S2011RTW), but this spring collection seems to be a little more earthly in its overall aesthetic (though the girls definitely retain their obtuse quirkiness!).  rick owens achieves an almost paper-like appearance in the design, construction and tailoring garments, which i love.  i love the nearly seamless (and amorphous) transition from boot to pant to beautifully draped dress in my favourite look (pictured 2nd to left, below)…Last, but not least, is comme des garçons, a truly innovative and definitely avant-garde collection!  I can hear a “whaaat the?”, but I think that makes it truly inspirational – something you may have never seen before or thought could be beautiful!  i love the pleating, the layering of fabric roses and lace and draping and the simplicity of using white so as to not take away from the amazingly detailed nature of the looks… odd, but elegant!ONE more fashion week post, I promise, then back to my regular blogging 🙂

  1. Molliee said:

    Comme des garcons is a little odd, but interesting nonetheless!! xoxo, molliee

    • isn’t it strange? i think they look like beautiful bridal ghosts! hehehe thanks for your comment Molliee!

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