Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011, part 3

After Susanne Biden’s rad ceramic studio, we drove along the highway, past the ferry terminal to the Mellon Glass Studio!  Mom and Dad visited the studio last year and have been eyeing the whimsical jellyfish Wayne Harjula creates, and i was excited to see he was using one of the marine photography books i’ve been coveting for inspiration!! Absolutely amazing glasswork, truly inspiring – and i like how glasswork is the perfect medium for visualizing how the evolution of these creatures might take place. Wayne said it best himself – he sees a shape, starts moulding and bending the glass until it cools, then progressively alters the design/colour/shape of the creature until it becomes the best/most functional it can be (like evolution!) 🙂and I got a treat – Mom and Dad bought me a glass squishy of my own.  He’s now resting comfortably with my other invertebrates in my collection:Wish I’d taken more shots of this next house we visited, the home/studio of design build team of Sandrin Leung Design Build!  The U-shaped house has wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows/doors facing a porch that connects the two arms, and one end of the U is built into the rock-face at the back of the property!  The whole house is bright and open, despite being very modest in actual size – perfection!(The above pictured election sign is by no means an endorsement, i just really liked the cheeky sign.)  So it took Mom, Dad and I all day to visit only a handful of studios, but we were pleasantly worn out by the end of the day!  So many great local artists, I’m already looking forward to next years Crawl…

  1. Laurie said:

    Did you know that glass art is probably my favorite art medium? And to combine gorgeous sea creatures with art! Beautiful! Wish Mellon Glass sold their wares online… gorgeous photos as always Alison 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Laurie! I did not know that glass art was your fave! You would definitely love Mellon Glass Studio – it would totally remind you of the time you spend looking after the critters in the UVic Invertebrate Lab and intertidalling around Victoria! Just a 5 minute drive from the Langdale Ferry Terminal! 😉

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