Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011, part 2

After visiting Molten Spirit Glass Studio, we drove back along the highway to visit “This Is It.”  the AWESOMEST multi-use studio hidden in the trees!  Felted Children’s Toys, furniture, glass work, etc – a feast for the design and inspiration-hungry eyes!   Some of my favourite work they do (and we saw at the Roberts Creek Daze parade this past summer) are the huge metal spheres they have made and cart around in this cute truck! They remind me SO much of coccolithophores, i love them!Our next stop – another awesome studio (with a totally rad name too)!  Nico Spacecraft is a design build studio specializing in gooooorgeously made and chic wooden furniture, streamlined and modern custom kitchens and sculpture – a tree on their property died so instead of chipping it down, they casted and hung it on the wall as art – love it!Our next stop, something completely different and out-of-this-world – Susanne Biden’s world of natural curiosities!  Her ceramic work was SO much fun to see (email for inquiries: and it was obvious that she had a blast making them!  Prickly fruit, beautiful flowers, marine invertebrates gone awry, anatomical hearts, and anything you can imagine!  Probably my favourite studio visit on the Crawl!Last part of the Sunshine Coast 2011 Art Crawl coming up next…

    • Thanks so much Alison! You should definitely try and go next year, it was quite fun!

  1. Hello there and thank you for posting this. I just came across this…better late than never. I am Beth Hawthorn from the “this is it ” studio. Glad you were able to visit our studio and great photos! Anytime you are in the neighbourhood and want to come for a visit, please give us a call. We are generally around most days. Thanks again!

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