Sunshine Coast Art Crawl 2011, part 1

I went up to the Sunshine Coast to visit with my parents and to tour this year’s Sunshine Coast Art Crawl!  Mom and Dad went last year and had so much fun they insisted I tag along, and I was happy to join in the fun!  Such a great event, over 100 artisans participated in this, only the 2nd ever Sunshine Coast Art Crawl – over 100 galleries, studios and homes opened to the public for viewing and purchasing varying forms of art – from music, fabric arts, woodworking, metal-working, pottery and ceramics, painting, ice sculptures, glass-blowing, design build/architecture, and more!

Our first stop – Goldmoss Gallery in Roberts Creek, owned and curated by Lee and Bon Roberts (also the featured artists in residence).  A divine space, beautifully situated in a gorgeous space landscaped and maintained by Bon herself (who also runs and teaches the in-house art school for youths).  I highly recommend visiting the Goldmoss Gallery if you find yourself in the lovely Roberts Creek!Our next stop, “Lotus in Motion” by artist Gordon Halloran (whose other work includes ice sculptures made for the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics).  These beautiful watercolour paper and beeswax lilypads he has created, float colourfully in the artists pond – the detailing on the leaves include coloured light microscope images of insect wings and leaf veins! So beautiful:Next stop, still in Roberts Creek, the Molten Spirit Glass Studio!  My favourites were definitely the blown glass pumpkins – perfect for fall and they’ll never rot! 😉  Visit his Etsy Store to purchase a pumpkin! (The jellyfish were pretty darn amazing too!Phewf so much beautiful local work!  Our Art Crawl Adventure continued in the next post, next stop – This Is It

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