spring RTW 2012 – tahiti treat

All images from vogue.com

to start off this post – i thought it would be neat to play this track – Air France’s “Beach Party” – it started playing in my head when I saw these next collections from the spring 2012 RTW collections:video source: jangaboo on youtube (not the official video for the track – fyi)

from more neutral, casual pieces i picked out last post, to more fun and floral!

i never know what to expect from blumarine, but this season i was pleasantly surprised to see anna molinari’s spin on flowers flowers flowers, a hawaiian-style print and polynesian-inspired grass sandals (that look very similar to reed krakoff’s boar hair sandals from his spring 2011 RTW line?)  I liked this over-the-top collection because it is fun and whimsical, and keeping with the trend of the 50s and 60s coming back into style, it celebrates the sort of vintage “hawaiiana” style that was popular during that time, instead of taking literal shapes and styles directly from the 50s or 60s!  I would definitely wear the big floral earrings and grassy sandals (with a white tank and jeans) and the black and yellow floral flouncy skirt!

my fav FAVourite from the last 3 or 4 seasons was Proenza Schouler, and i can’t say that this spring 2012 rtw season maintains my level of excitement about them, but I still think they showed a strong collection.  Proenza jumped on the tropical/floral print band-wagon, and put their cool, city-girl edgy spin on it! my favourite piece is on karolina – i love the turquoise/yellow print with the gray top on it:Finally, another designer collection that I liked that used the bright, floral, tropical vibe, was dolce & gabbana (though the red dress and purple prints up close are actually tomatoes and karlie is wearing zucchinis!)  I don’t usually have an affinity for their clothes – though always feminine, to me their work seems geared to an older or more professional client (except for last fall season’s star-print pieces really surprised me as well!) – but i actually really could see myself wearing some of these pieces!  especially the sheer purple first look pictured below: next post, back to more crisp, cool, fresh styles from spring 2012 RTW collections…

    • aren’t they fun, Jen? i do love cozy, moody fall collections, but i love seeing all the bright colours and patterns used for spring! 🙂

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