spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear: really RTW

All images from vogue.com. i’ve drooled over or jeered at fashion collections for the past decade, but i’ve never actually organized my thoughts into words.  now that i have this blog and my thesis is over, I couldn’t resist picking out my favourite looks from this spring 2012 RTW season, and dissecting out what I dig about them – I felt that i should dive in at some point (and i’m going to leave out what i didn’t like at fashion week because there is only time for so many posts…)! so here goes…

even though i don’t have the cash to fund my over-stimulated fashion imagination into becoming my reality, i love seeing how my dream picks evolve every season – something i would have cringed at even a few months ago becomes intriguing and i’m inspired to try and integrate a piece into my imaginary wardrobe!  i think street style imagery is the KEY to gradual and definitely  to punctuated (sudden/rapid after long period of stasis) taste evolution… i credit my street style photography mavens – scott schuman of “the sartorialist“, nam of “streetfsn“, jason jean of “citizen couture” and my ultimate crush atm – tommy ton of “jak & jil” (and of course the creatively courageous ladies they all capture wearing these couture creations in their day-to-day comings and goings) to my ever changing idea of what style I would die to emulate.

there are SO many beautiful collections that were shown at NYFW, LFW, MFW and PFW (New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week, respectively), but i thought i’d start off with more casual collections that might actually live up to their name as “Ready-To-Wear” in my mind – meaning you could actually go grocery shopping in these babies!  I’ll start things off with my favourite looks from jonny johansson at the swedish label “Acne” (all runway photos from vogue.com, composites arranged by me):i love the bright colour palette, stepping away from the neon craze, but remaining in a vibrant (and sometimes a pleasantly shiny) place, the pinks, oranges, chartreuse, royal blues and harvest gold keeps things lively and makes the interesting/boxy shapes fun, fresh and modern!

next up, 3.1 phillip lim:

in contrast to Acne’s bright colour palette, 3.1 phillip lim’s spring RTW line showed off creative cuts and architecturally-inspired angles to highlight a more muted colour palette of crisp whites and peach, strawberry and lime sherbets.  i love how he makes wearable separates that are simple, but still SO interesting!

here coooomes a line i’m DYING to buy in to – theyskens’ theory:

i know, i know – i would stand out buying groceries wearing a pair of iridescent emerald green or barbie’s poofy-prom-dress-pink pants to the grocery store but MAN would i love to!  i am worshipping this mermaidesque pale blue dress (1st runway look)!  i love how from a distance it almost looks like a knight’s chainmail armour, but up close it looks like delicate sea-creature magic (like nudibranch cerata (or like this little guy), tissue or radular teeth):

i HAD to include these other detail shots (again all from vogue.com) of the CRAZY blazer (that i’m in love with – 2nd look) paired with the silky mint top and regular blue jeans, the peacock emerald green/blue/gold/amazing and cotton candy/barbie/yowza iridescent pants that i can’t imagine where i would wear – but i don’t care!

phewf – i have lots more collections to gush over, i’ll save that for my next post! stay tuned!

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