chill winston!

While summer was still in Vancouver, Ryan and I were able to enjoy the patio, some tasty food and some beer at Chill Winston in Gastown!  I had never been, though I’d heard great things about it!  We had walked down to Gastown from the West End along the Coal Harbour SeaWalk, scoping out potential spots to have our 1st anniversary photoshoot, and needed a quick bite and a refreshing beer!

We ordered a refreshing Leifmans Fruitesse raspberry beer (perfect for a summer day) – I had the duck tacos – deeelicious, tasty well-seasoned meat, a crisp slaw and tangy salsa to mix together in a cute little soft taco – and ryan ordered the bison burger, which he must have enjoyed because it disappeared quite quickly!  I’m eager to go back and try the scallops and the kangaroo carpaccio!

  1. Samantha took us to Chill Winston on our last visit in January!
    Absolutely love this place

    • it’s neat hey? i like the atmosphere and the food was REALLY tasty! thanks for the comment, hope you’re doing well Casey! xoxo

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