creek daze, kayaking & crab

we headed up to my parents place and our family cabin in roberts creek for our anniversary weekend, and it coincided with the community’s annual “creek daze” festival, parade and local library book sale! i love the super cute parade with the local businesses, kids and community members! my favourite member is “ghost poo“. he leaves philosophical messages toothpicked in piles of dog poop, that irresponsible locals leave behind after their dogs, so that instead of just having to look at doodoo, you can ponder the meaning of life or gain a little inspiration from a hopeful message… sort of like a fortune from a cookie…i actually have photos of these messages… though i feel it would be rather gross to post them… my favourite is “expectations are resentments waiting to happen”. rock on, ghost poo, your work is appreciated! (he was tossing out rocks painted gold – gold nuggets – and we caught one this year!!)

 (top photo by dad and bottom 3 by mom)  mom and dad bought new kayaks to kick around roberts creek, and ryan and i finally took them out for a spin! we had a seal follow us for a while, but no bounty (logs or floating treasure) to bring back!for our anniversary dinner, ryan and i got some crab from the local gibsons marina (we are going to set our own traps next year), boiled them up at the cottage and had a feast on the front lawn! corn + crab + beer = heaven!

  1. andy1076 said:

    This is an incredible outing, from enjoying the vibrant music and activities to relaxing with just pure nature. How i envy you folks 🙂

    • it’s such a neat little spot in BC, we are very lucky to be able to spend time up there! thanks andy!

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