oyster, vancouver

omg yum. probably the best oysters i’ve ever had (possibly only rivaled by Ferris’ Oyster Bar in Victoria and Five Fisherman in Halifax – but i’d need to do a side-by-side taste test just to be sure), we went to “Oyster” in downtown Vancouver (475 Howe Street) for their “buck-a-shuck” special (and their deeelicious martinis). located in “the old stock exchange building”, oyster has beautifully artistic signage and front entrance, decorated with neat details from the old building still intact!

once inside, the mod interior gives it an almost “mad men” feel (i felt as though i’d like to be wearing a roland mouret sheath and leopard heels), we sipped some smooth martinis while the dozen oysters were shucked…

the oysters were fresh and beautifully shucked, drizzled with fresh lemon and freshly shaved horseradish, and came with a choice of the tasty house-made sauces (japanese ponzu, cocktail sauce and a chili mignonette – the ponzu was my fave). delish! oyster opens at 4pm and we HIGHly recommend you arrive right at 4pm if you haven’t made a reservation – we were seated and served immediately and had the place to ourselves for a short while, but it filled up fast with those smart folk who had reserved! we will definitely be back to oyster!


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