lunch at Pronto on Cambie

ryan, makito and i had a delicious, meaty lunch at Pronto Caffe on Cambie (makito’s recommendation) the other day! makito and i tried their porchetta sandwich, packed with beautifully slow-roasted pork and crunchy, flavourful crackling sprinkled amongst the pork pieces.  the sandwich bun was soft, but just the right about of crisp (w/out scratching up the roof of your mouth), just perfect!  ryan chose the porchetta plate, with the same wonderful pork and crackling, but paired with rosemary roasted potatoes. we were so stuffed we didn’t get a chance to try one of their AMAZINGly gorgeous-looking sweet treats in the front window, but its always fun to save something to try next time, and we will definitely be going back again! (i caught a glimpse of one of their genoa sandwiches being served, and its on my list for our next visit, along with one of the “sfogliatelle” scalloped pieces of layered heaven we saw in the front counter!)

p.s. – i should have mentioned when i first posted about our lunch, the amazingly friendly staff at Pronto exceeded my expectations for customer service. everyone we met was kind, patient, and genuinely interested in making sure we had the best Pronto experience possible! ryan, makito and i all remarked on how wonderful our entire dining experience was at Pronto on the car ride home! thanks again for the food AND the friendliness Pronto! they have also generously made a blog post on their “news & reviews” page about my post 🙂 cheers!

  1. Melissa said:

    Love the pictures! Best way to tell a story, especially with a sprinkling of words at the end.

    • thanks for finding me and commenting, Melissa! i’m looking forward to reading about your food adventures too!

  2. Mickey said:

    Wow, great blog… especially love your photos.

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