milner/hornseth wedding: day two, part 4.

phewf! now more of the beautiful bride!! Finally! (not that the rest of the group isn’t lovely) hehehehe but she’s who everyone loves to see!last shot of sherry as a single lady ūüėČ i sat near the back, so i didn’t snap any shots of the actual ceremony! sorry guys!
maid of honour julie and her family,¬†julie’s husband and their daughter, kenzie…
justin and jessie milner, and kyle…
josh’s dad, chris…
sharon and willy hornseth with the newlweds and claire…
photo by justin milner.
photo of the milner/hornseth/bates family by ryan.
photo by ryan.
for justin, photos by of josh’s mom, angela and sherry. by ryan.
mark back at work! photo by ryan.
beautiful sisters-in-law, kolbie and ashley. photos by ryan.
josh’s mom, angela.justin’s lovely fianc√©, kolbie. ¬†last 8¬†photos of the milner family by ryan.

  1. Ellen said:

    I love the colour of your hair! and the colours of your outfit just go so perfectly together! great shoes;)

    • oooo thank you Ellen! it was a bit of a shock at first and i had to get used to it, but i’m loving it now! and i’m so relieved it goes with my cobalt HH dress and vivienne westwood x melissa heels! one of my fave outfits that i wore to my bridal shower last year!

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