milner/hornseth wedding: day two, part 2.

phewf part 2 is full of pictures already and we’re not even at the ceremony site yet! lots of beautiful details and great people helping set up to show off! looks like many more posts to come!sherry’s wedding clutch…clutches for her bridesmaids…couldn’t resist taking a snap of miss claire’s lemon polka dot flipflops…the wolf pack watching josh’s bachelor party sky diving DVD 🙂the bridesmaids and their bouquets…sister sam admiring her bouquet…bouquet details (beautiful peonies, roses and dahlias)setting up at the reception site (the beautiful manteo resort in kelowna)…brother justin might have a budding career in the wedding industry…sherry’s brother-in-law mark prepping the roses for the centrepieces…brothers from different mothers…the faithful staple of the day… lots and LOTS of pictures still to come!

  1. Sharon said:

    Allison – thanks for taking such awesome pictures – I love them.

    • you are most welcome Sharon, i’m so pleased that you are happy with them! we had an amazing time, thank you for all of your hospitality! it was wonderful to meet you all!

      • Sharon said:

        I think you should be wedding photographer on the side, you seem to have a special talent for it. You are welcome to drop by anytime you are in Kelowna, would love to spend more time visiting with you and getting to know you better when we aren’t as busy. Your help with the wedding was very much appreciated.

      • ooooh thank you for saying that Sharon, you just made my day! 🙂

  2. ps – and thank you for your invitation Sharon, i have a feeling Ryan and I will be in Kelowna to visit whenever we are able, and it would be great to see you all again soon! 🙂

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