witty’s lagoon picnic

my parents came for a visit and to see me convocate, and we got to spend some time with our friends, and my “victoria parents”, ted and dana.  we had dinners, lunch at the Dutch Bakery and did some intertidalling at trafalgar park! (yay leopard nudibranchs and stalked medusae!) we also all went out to witty’s lagoon for a walk and a picnic! yum!

i’m glad we got a chance to go before i move next week, it really is one of my favourite spots in and around victoria!

  1. Dana Jackson said:

    Hi A2
    Who knew you were taking all those pictures???? Thanks Alison, makes me want a better camera! Enjoyed our beach excursion to Witty’s. Lots of memories of your Gran and Grandad at that Lagoon.
    Just checked our some new beaches on the Saanich peninsula this morning. Made for a good bike ride but not the sea life we experienced at Dallas. More barnacles tho’.
    Hope the move goes smoothly and you get to enjoy a bit of summer before Ryan has to leave again. Love Dana

    • hi dana! hehehe yeah i’m kind of sneaky! 🙂 i’m going to miss Witty’s and all the little beaches in Victoria! i’ll keep working on the list of critters we saw at Trafalgar, and that’s great – keep hunting at the beaches you visit, hopefully most will have more than barnacles and mussels! hehe
      today is moving day, so fingers crossed it will go well! this is the first day i’m glad its not sunny and hot! lotsa love! A2

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