pleated almondine

[photo 1: mushroom coral at the vancouver aqaurium, by me; photo 2&3: by ryan]

1. glasses by kio yamato style KP-083; 2. jacket from the gap (2002), 3. tank from club monaco, 4. ashley watson recycled leather warbler purse (gift from erin p.), 5. american apparel long accordion-pleat skirt in almondine, 6. steve madden seeri patent flat t-strap sandal (2009).

(this is my first outfit post – be kind, i’m a little nervous)  i first laid eyes on this amazing pleated skirt on an inspiring fashion blog called “giia’s tonic” in her post “pleated in the wind“, and i assumed i could not possibly afford something this beautiful! she pairs it with another, shorter pleated skirt (LOOVE it) and her leather jacket – i love LOVE the combination, i’ll have to try it too! as soon as i saw the skirt, it reminded me of a mushroom coral i’d photographed at the vancouver aquarium a few years ago! how the coral moved in the water, how the skirt rippled and flowed… siiigh biology and fashion!

i was happy to find out the skirt was from american apparel!!  i’m a bit strapped for cash atm, but for a unique piece like this, i couldn’t pass it up! it is SO comfortable, soft, airy, fun to twirl, and can be dressed up or down. i want one in every colour! thanks to ryan for my outfit shots!

  1. Ellen said:

    gorgeous!!! you should do more outfit posts!

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