links that i’m loving this week!

(screenshots from their respective linked websites.)  this week, these links have me daydreaming about my upcoming move to vancouver – new apartment, new city, fresh start!

1. even though ry and i still can’t get a dog, and rohe is rubbish on a leash, i loooove these fabric leashes and collars by “found my animal” (some are even made from recycled materials).  i think they are a stylish, modern way of accessorizing your pet: found my animal.

2.  i’ve been decorating with more ornate, vintage and colourful pieces for a while now, and i’m really thinking i’d like to move towards a more neutral, modern palette. i’ve been surfing “mammoth” for few years now, and i love SO much of what they showcase! created by a duo of british columbians, “the mammoth collection” showcases local and international artists, and offer a selection of their prints for sale at an affordable price (which is fantastic b/c even students love to collect art!): the mammoth collection.

3. a SUPER cool/badass/science store that i came across during my wedding hunting – but unfortunately i could not order items that i wanted since due to their biological nature, they could not be shipped across the border 😦 they DO have a store in new york city, so i miiight just have to add it to my already lengthy list of amazing shopping i have to do once i’m lucky enough to visit NYC. i think a few skulls and fossils around the apartment to add to my seashell and bee collection would be pretty rad: the evolution store.

4.  another rad housewares site that i came across while looking for vintage pieces for our weddings, the old faithful shop is located in…… VANCOUVER! YES! i can’t believe ryan and i haven’t been to this store yet! it will have to be one of our first shopping trips once we move! featuring clean, classic, streamlined housewares, i think it works perfectly with our hope to transition to a neutral, fresh palette: old faithful shop.5. i’ve been browsing this housewares store for a few years now, and i have a list of wants that i never seem to get tired of daydreaming about. owner and curator laura aviva literally shops the world for beautiful housewares and decor, my personal fave, the cameroonian juju hat: l’aviva home.

  1. alisonjoyy said:

    Ooooh, Old Faithful Shop is an old faithful of mine! We visited many many times for wedding inspiration, (since it’s pretty expensive in there , “inspiration” is the key word, and we price shopped elsewhere)!

    That terrarium display in the screen grab of yours is the piece that inspired our driftwood & hanging terrarium wedding arbor! I originally was looking for japanese fishing floats to hang off the driftwood, but they are expennnnnsive and hard to find.. after I saw this terrarium display we decided to use terrariums for our “fishing-float-inspired” look 🙂 I ordered my terrariums for waaaay less here: Add some bright flowers and moss, and ta daaaa! We are going to use the terrarium spheres for a more permanent installation with air plants and rocks in our apartment. That very block of Cordova that Old Faithful Shop is on has 4 or 5 of my favourite clothing/accessory stores in Van! Happy shopping 🙂

    • neato Alison! i LOVE the terrariums you made for your wedding, i’m dying to see more of your photos (and i love that you are going to reuse them for your apartment)!!! thanks for the tip on the “grounded” online store, it looks like a super neat shop, ry and i are looking for some interior decorating inspiration for a project in our new place, and this will be great!

      heheheh i’m having to resist wandering out my front door to go shopping, its so hard with way too many fun stores only being blocks away!

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