links i’m loving this week!

[screenshots from their respective linked websites]

i thought i would start listing some of my new favourite and inspiring stories/articles/websites that i come across in my unemployed travels around the web!

1. a fresh, sleek, stylish and cool wedding blog aimed at men preparing for the big day (yes! they can help too ;)). showcasing the latest in menswear, accessories, and real wedding inspiration. A+ : well-groomed.

2. looking for a crisp, modern way of incorporating animal photography into your apartment/home? look no further than “the animal print shop” with playful photographs by sharon montrose: the animal print shop.

3. one of my favourite shops in victoria, i will miss visiting the silk road when i move! luckily i can order their amazing teas online! my favourite tea, hands down is the “angelwater” herbal tea. its a light, clean perfectly minty, comforting and refreshing tea: silk road.

4. this online shop/website makes pre-assembled terrariums with cute little figurines living in their little mossy worlds! i think these are a great way of having a refreshing little garden/ecosystem when you live in an apartment or condo 🙂 cute! : twig terrariums.

5. i spotted this website listed in the most recent martha stewart weddings, elegant scents for you or for the home  with a wicked customized/science-lab inspired label just for you: le labo.

  1. Thanks for stopping by Well-Groomed, and selecting it as one of your faves of the week! BTW, I saw the Animal Print Shop this week, too, and thought it was great.


  2. thanks Darren! well-groomed is SUCH a gem! i’m going to be recommending it to grooms AND every stylish guy i know looking for menswear inspiration! i love the aesthetic.

    hehehe neato! i can’t remember how i stumbled across the Animal Print shop! maybe it was the same place you did! 🙂

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