job hunting tool kit!

[images from the respective links] 1. alexander wang lia sling studded leather messenger bag, 2. zumreed dream colour headphones, 3. kio yamato eyeglasses, 4. macbook pro, 5. mulberry tiger-print twill pouch, 6. marc by marc jacobs jumble-embossed neoprene laptop case, 7. moleskine notebook, 8. michael kors men’s oversized watch, 9. unipin fine line 0.8 black pen (faaavourite pen ever!)

i’ve been drooling over the alexander wang studded messenger bag for mooonths now, and i can’t think of a more stylish way to carry my macbook pro (ideally snuggled inside marc’s neoprene laptop case in a powerful colour)! over the next few months (or more)  i’ll be going on a job hunt, and i like to daydream about these pretty things being at my side and at my disposal while i do it! a mulberry pouch to carry my favourite pens, my moleskine full of notes and ideas and inspiration. a heavy, michael kors gold watch to help me keep on track, updating my resumé while peering over the black rims of my kio yamato geeky glasses 🙂 an unemployed girl can dream…

    • i knoooow i love how colourful they are! they are on sale for 25$ on net-a-porter right now and its SO hard not to indulge! 😉

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