a great long weekend, part 1!

[photos by me] ry and i had a great weekend, packed full of friends, food and some victoria history! we started off the weekend with a trip to the moss st. market on saturday morning, where we picked up some fresh mixed greens, pak choi, free-range eggs and deeelicious chicken honey garlic sausages from terra nossa farms, and ryan picked up a neat skull mug by vincet of goat dragon studio of sooke!

ryan and i met up with karyn and her boyfriend arnar, who is visiting from iceland, and they had brought me a bag of icelandic treats from her recent trip! soley organics steinEY mineral mask with volcanic clay from Eyjakjallajökull and wild icelandic birch, iceland reyka vodka, opal salted licorice, íslenskt urtate icelanic herbal tea and blue lagoon iceland geothermal mineral bath salts!  SO thoughtful and i can’t wait to try everything out! thank you guys!!!

i also got the chance to meet a friend of ryan’s from dalhousie, rebecca, and we had a great “food crawl” on saturday night. we started with pints of driftwood at “the local“, continued on to oysters and martinis upstairs at “ferris’ oyster bar“, then ended the night with sushi at koto sushi! it was so nice to meet rebecca and all the food we sampled was fantastic!

my friend tracy (top left with me and bails in 2005) and her husband were in victoria for the long weekend, so we met up with them for dinner on sunday night and lunch on monday! we had a delicious seafood lunch at pescatores, and walked along the inner harbour! there were marching bands playing top 40 music on the steps of the legislature and lots of festivities going on around downtown for the victoria day long weekend. it was such a beautiful day, it was great to see so many people out enjoying the sunshine!

part 2 of our long weekend to come!

    • hehehe thanks molliee! he knew i was following behind, snapping away 😉

  1. Ryan said:

    hahaha nice one! we have to get some of those chicken sausages again…

    • market tomorrow morning! we could pick up some more!

  2. Karyn said:

    Your welcome friend! We tried the face mask. It was pretty cool. 🙂

    • neato! ry and i will have to try it this weekend!

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