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this video was made by a canadian print/e-magazine called “the block” and the nowness, an online resource for lifestyle/fashion/food inspiration, now one of my daily sources of inspiration! it features (and is choreographed by) justin peck of the new york city ballet and directed by bon duke. the perfectly chosen music from the video is philip glass’ “string quartet no. 3 (mishima): 1962 – body building“. i love how beautifully the clothing flows with her sweeping, elegant movement! (needless to say, after watching the video, i immediately bought a copy of the track and have been doing chores to it all week!)

more information on this beautiful video can be found here; more still photos from the video shown here and the video can be seen full screen here along with full article.


after our walk around downtown on monday afternoon, we went up to the stunning craigdarroch castle, a national historic site, the original estate is said to have been over 28 acres, but now is sandwiched right in the middle of a residential area in victoria!  i’ve lived in victoria for nearly 4 years, living just blocks from this amazing mansion and not seen it, so i’m so glad that tracy and her husband ryan wanted to see it!

the house was completed in 1890 by robert dunsmuir and various members of his large family lived in the lavishly decorated rooms, spanning four floors in the mansion.  After robert dunsmuir’s wife joan passed away in 1908, the house has been used as a military hospital, a college and a music conservatory! (of course ryan says when he sees the exterior of the house pictured above left – “i could climb that” and of course my reply “of course you ‘could’ dear” ;))

the chandeliers, the stained glass windows, the intricate wood-panneling on nearly every wall, the silverware! the interior of the house has been immaculately decorated (and recreated by the historical society) to give a nearly overwhelming feeling of decadence and luxury from the victorian era.  i loved seeing a few pieces that i recognized from my grandparents houses  (including a fireplace fan similar to this one that i was lucky enough to inherit – now i just have to figure out what i’ll use it for ;))

i definitely found a lot of creative inspiration from the clothing and decoration of victorian living that was displayed throughout the mansion. the photographs, the infusion of natural history, the colours and the rich textures; the vintage-lover inside of me was in heaven! i just want to go antiquing now!

the wood-panneling covering all the walls in the main entrance and the main staircase was UNreal! a must-see in person!

of course i HAD to take a picture of these inCREDIBLE shoes!!!! they make me think of jane of sea of shoes’ pradas… and the newer neon versions that i’ve been drooling over for mooooonths… sigh…

another feature i really loved was the wood shutters that were on nearly every window in the mansion! on some windows they could be moved up and down the length of the window and some of the shutters had small inset shutters! they looked SO well-made and so professional! i’d love to have a set for my windows!

it was actually really fun being a tourist in my own city – ryan and i need to do more local sightseeing, so we can really experience some of the history that victoria has to offer! heheh only a few months before i move to vancouver… better late than never i suppose! 😉

[photos by me] ry and i had a great weekend, packed full of friends, food and some victoria history! we started off the weekend with a trip to the moss st. market on saturday morning, where we picked up some fresh mixed greens, pak choi, free-range eggs and deeelicious chicken honey garlic sausages from terra nossa farms, and ryan picked up a neat skull mug by vincet of goat dragon studio of sooke!

ryan and i met up with karyn and her boyfriend arnar, who is visiting from iceland, and they had brought me a bag of icelandic treats from her recent trip! soley organics steinEY mineral mask with volcanic clay from Eyjakjallajökull and wild icelandic birch, iceland reyka vodka, opal salted licorice, íslenskt urtate icelanic herbal tea and blue lagoon iceland geothermal mineral bath salts!  SO thoughtful and i can’t wait to try everything out! thank you guys!!!

i also got the chance to meet a friend of ryan’s from dalhousie, rebecca, and we had a great “food crawl” on saturday night. we started with pints of driftwood at “the local“, continued on to oysters and martinis upstairs at “ferris’ oyster bar“, then ended the night with sushi at koto sushi! it was so nice to meet rebecca and all the food we sampled was fantastic!

my friend tracy (top left with me and bails in 2005) and her husband were in victoria for the long weekend, so we met up with them for dinner on sunday night and lunch on monday! we had a delicious seafood lunch at pescatores, and walked along the inner harbour! there were marching bands playing top 40 music on the steps of the legislature and lots of festivities going on around downtown for the victoria day long weekend. it was such a beautiful day, it was great to see so many people out enjoying the sunshine!

part 2 of our long weekend to come!

[all images from j.crew and stylecaster]

good grief, if i didn’t want a j.crew in Canada (more specifically BC please) before?! check out this AMAzing collaboration of amazing breath-of-fresh-air designer prabal gurung and on-a-roll j.crew! if i had a job interview to go to, i would LOVE to be able to wear pieces from this stunning collection! my favourites are the “exploding bow blouse” in “neon azalea” and the “bow-dacious denim jacket“. my heart is all aflutter!

[photos by me] i went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine yesterday and was excited to smell the lilacs that are now out here in victoria! nearly every yard has at least one bush, and the smell in the warm, spring air (finally) is intoxicating! i’m so happy that spring has finally officially arrived, i actually wore SANDALS yesterday! without getting cold halfway through my walk! 🙂 i hope the weather says like this and everyone has a great long weekend!

[top image source: utterlyengaged, photography by bonnie tsang, floral design & stylist: fleuretica. creative direction by kelley lee gin of picture perfect evens and eva chiou of red velvet occasions.

composite by me, images from their respective linked sites – HIS – 1. MR. by roland mouret seersucker suit jacket, 2. rag & bone plaid cotton tie, 3. paul stuart cotton tattersall check pocket square, 4. elsa peretti for tiffany & co. bean cuff links in sterling silver w/ jade, 5. paul smith washer leather brogues. HERS – 6. proenza schouler shibori strapless gown, 7. charm & chain vintage collection vintage earrings (54.3), 8. paloma picasso for tiffany & co. sugar stacks ring with rubellite, 9. blue hydrangea, 10 . lanvin double band sandal.]

while drooling over proenza clothing, i came across this STUNNING shibori print gown and i started daydreaming about weddings!  if ryan and i could get married every year, i’d loooove to wear this gown this year ;)!  and while sifting through my wedding inspiration folders, i came across this amazing photoshoot from issue #4 of utterly engaged photographed by bonnie tsang and styled by fleuretica, and i was inspired to create a crisp, sleek and fresh, modern ensemble for a bride and groom! (maybe i’ll make a new board every wednesday ;))