dinner experiment: the “naam” dragon bowl

photos by me. ryan and i decided to walk down to the moss street market and fairfield market saturday morning to pick up some local veggies/bread/preserves!  ryan bought an AMAZing loaf of “rustic ale” bread by matt that we cut fresh and topped with another find at the market, an “apricot butter” made by albert (photo 1).  the bread was so perfect, crispy crust with soft, chewy, dense interior… yum!

ryan bought some locally grown argula and kale that he made into a yummy salad for me (topped with sunflower seeds, goat cheese and a honey/lemon/butter dressing) (photo 2 and 3).  he also bought some locally grown beets, locally made tofu (from saltspring island) and peashoots for an idea he wanted to try at home!

he and makito recently ate at “the naam restaurant” in vancouver, and we always enjoy the “naam dragon bowl” when we eat there, so he wanted to see if he could replicate it! he made the miso gravy based on this recipe he found online, and it was a dead ringer! we made it with white sticky rice (though next time we’re going to try brown rice), pan-fried tofu, boiled carrots, brocolli and cauliflower, topped with shredded beets and carrots and peashoots. super healthy, definitely tasty and quick!

  1. mmmm this looks amazing! the fresh colors and textures must be delicious

    • thanks molliee! it was super tasty, really easy to make and it felt really great to eat so healthy!

  2. nuffinmuffin said:

    Where did you buy all those groceries? 🙂 amazing photography!

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