a tired biologist.

i apologize for my lack of posting as of late; i just successfully defended my MSc. thesis on Friday! (i’ll resist using any puns that come to my mind when thinking of how long i’ve been working on it and the specific animals i work w/ 😉 – i think you can all guess what many of them might be.) it hasn’t really had time to sink in yet, and i still have some minor revisions to complete before i can completely relax, but the worst is over!

above are a few shots of me trying to be a “biologist” over the years. me with a rock crab in bamfield, bc in the summer of 2005 during my undergraduate, netted-up against the mosquitoes, no-see-ums and black flies as a research assistant at SFU in bella bella, bc. preying on the poor ochre sea stars on the sunshine coast the summer of 1991 and finally, inspecting a shore crab at witty’s lagoon, bc during my masters.


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