“stylish blogger award”

[photo of my sister-in-law michelle and i taken by mom after my bridal shower at the empress hotel. i chose it to include with this post b/c it looks like i’ve just accepted an award and i’m wearing something other than sweatpants 😉 hehehe sorry for the cheese!]

an old friend from home (all the way back to greenfield elementary), natalie from vanillalavenderdelights, has kindly nominated me a for a “stylish blogger award”! thanks so much! natalie’s blog is dedicated to her love of nutrition/food and fashion (yum!) hehehe

the award asks me to share 7 things about myself, so here goes:

1. i am currently wrapping up my masters in ecology and evolution from uvic. i’ve been a snail mom for a few years now, and i am reading to move on!  it has been a great learning experience (more self than molluscan ;), but i’m conflicted now about carrying on in the academic world.  i have no idea what to do next, but i’m anxiously excited to figure out what the next step might be!

2. i played basketball for 14 years, and haven’t now for 4 years 😦 i need to get back into shape so that i could last a full game if i start up again!

3. my favourite heterobranch atm is the eel grass sea hare, phyllaplysia taylori. i fortuitously discovered one of these little gems on a piece of eel grass i collected in esquimalt lagoon when i was hunting for haminoea vesicula eggs.

4. my favourite designer label atm is proenza schouler. sigh. the fabric, the styling, the colours.  maybe one day…

5. i’m a warcraft/starcraft geek. i don’t play the online WOW, but have been playing the original core games since the late 90’s. STANDARD NERD!

6. i collect dead bees. (see this post.)

7. hmmmm one last alisonfactoid… i’ve broken all of my fingers at least twice… some three times… all due to basketball except my very first that was due to an unfortunate landing after the high jump. ouch.

also, i’m encouraged to nominate my fellow, inspiring bloggers! i’d like to nominate/award:

1. my husband and his blog: the hungry architect. he posts about architecture that inspires him, food that he cooks  (i get to eat it sometimes!) and anything else neat that he comes across! muah!

2. myra kim of twigs&honey: in addition to making the most beautiful hair adornments (selling on etsy, her website AND at anthropologie’s wedding store bhldn), myra manages to contribute to her blog of inspiration, outfit style, family and the amazing pieces she designs and handmakes herself! go myra! (ps- i can’t believe i forgot to also mention she is a scientist too! myra has her masters in environmental science!)

3. jamie delaine’s blog: our amazing photographer from the wedding. jamie’s blog is full of life, showcasing her amazing talent, ambition, colourful and creative personal style and her zest for self-improvement (i wanted to use the word zest b/c jamie’s snazzy yellow blog happily reminds me of lemons)! very inspiring!

4. robyn michelle-lee thompson’s blog: our lovely second shooter from our wedding who worked in collaboration with jamie.  her personal blog (and photography blog) includes beautiful write-ups and crisp, cool photographs of food, vancouver and fashion that always leave me feeling refreshed. her elegant, audrey hepburn-esque personal style doesn’t hurt either!

5. and last but not least, my newest discovery – erica and lauren’s blog honestly…WTF! super cool blog full of fashion editorials, interior design ideas, travel and awesome DIY projects (my recent fav – a DIY for that amazing Fendi frill)! very happy i stumbled across their blog!


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